Bilbao is a city of Spain located in the provinces of Basque Country and it is the capital of the province of Biscay. The city is located on the banks of the Nervión, and the climate of this city is just awesome and it is perfect for those who are here to spend their best holidays.Bilbao experienced heavy industrialization revolution in the 19th and 20th century which made the city among the best and the second-most industrialized region of the entire country, following Barcelona. At present Bilbao is an energetic city that serves its tourist with some of the best experiences and also is on the way to its social, economic, and visual development.

Why Visit Bilbao as Romantic Getaway?

  • 1. In the city of Bilbao the couples can have a leisure walk in the Dona Casilda Iturrizar Park, which is filled with ponds and gardens, and this place is apt for          the couples to spend some moments where there will be no one to disturb them and they can also visit Fine Arts Museum next to the park.
  • 2. Bilbao serves a great destination for its honeymoon couples where they can enjoy yacht sailing where they can have a drink and sail on the sea shore which      is romantic and also create a romantic ambiance for the couples sailing on it.
  • 3. In Bilbao the couples can have a great time visiting the Pintxos bars which are the places of Spain and the couples can have a drink here while enjoying             here.